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The New England Journal of Politics, Part II

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The post The New England Journal of Politics, Part II appeared first on Buy It At A Bargain – Deals And Reviews.

Hamilton ties Schumacher's record of 91 F1 wins

Lewis Hamilton moved level with Michael Schumacher’s record of 91 Formula One wins with victory at the Eifel Grand Prix.

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Here’s a Quick Way to Build Business Credit

COVID-19 turned the economy on its head. Now, with things starting to open back up, businesses are wondering if they are even going to be able to make it.  Most are starting to see they need to have business credit if they don’t already. But, is there a quick way to build business credit before it’s too late? 

Find Out How To Get Funds Fast While Utilizing this Quick Way to Build Business Credit

The truth is, you can’t snap your fingers. It’s a process, and you have to work through it.  However, knowing why you need business credit and how to work that process helps.  While it may not be a quick way to build business credit in the terms of a great score magically appearing overnight,  it is definitely quicker than not following the process at all. 

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Quick Way to Build Business Credit: Business Credit vs Personal Credit

quick way to build biz credit Credit SuiteThe simplest way to explain it is that business credit is like your personal credit, but it is in the name of your business.  That’s not to say there are no other differences, but that is the gist. Basically, if you do things right, you have a totally separate business credit report that is in the name of your business, not your name personally. Your personal accounts do not show up on this report, and your business accounts, that are on this report, do not show up on your personal credit report. 

Business credit reports come from Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business, and Equifax Business.  When there is a problem with your business credit, it does not affect your ability to get funding based on your personal credit.  Conversely, problems on your personal credit do not affect your ability to get funding for your business based solely on your business credit.  

Quick Way to Build Business Credit: Why Is Business Credit Necessary?

Business credit is necessary for a number of reasons.  The most obvious is to help you get funding for your business.  However, it also helps protect your personal credit.  If your business accounts are reporting to your personal credit report, you are going to see some debt-credit ratio issues.  This is the ratio of your debt in relation to your available credit.  Since business expenses are generally higher than personal expenses, you’re likely to run balances at or near your limits consistently, which will have a negative affect on your personal credit score. 

Business credit typically makes you eligible for higher limit cards that are better suited for large business expenditures.  It also keeps these large expenditures off your personal cards and personal credit report. 

Quick Way to Build Business Credit: There Are No Magic Beans

So, now you understand why you need business credit, but you need to know how to build it in a crazy economy, and fast. The thing is, there are no magic beans when it comes to a quick way to build business credit. Remember what I said.  A great business credit score will not appear magically overnight like a beanstalk. You do have to actually work all the way through the process.  However, there are a few shortcuts you can try once your business is set up properly.  More on how to do that later.

Quick Way to Build Business Credit: How to Make it Faster

Okay, so let’s assume for a minute that you already have your business set up in a way that it is a separate entity from yourself.  This is how you get accounts reporting to your business credit report rather than your personal report. If you’ve done that, there are a few things you can do to get the ball rolling, and give it a little push even. 

Ask Current Vendors for Credit

The first step is to ask those vendors with which you already have a relationship to extend credit.  Since you are already working with them, they may be more willing to do so without requiring a credit check.  Be sure to ask if they will report payments to the business credit reporting agencies. If they will not, then it won’t matter if they give you credit or not.  Accounts not reported do not help build your credit score. 

Ask Utilities to Report

You already pay things like rent, telephone, internet, electricity, and water bills on a regular basis.  You can ask providers to report those payments to the business credit reporting agencies.  They do not have to do it. However, they might, and it can only help build your score faster. 

Establish Tradelines With Starter Vendors

After those two things, the next step is to open tradelines with starter vendors.  These are vendors that offer net 30 invoices without any type of credit check, and then they will report your payments on those invoices to the business credit reporting agencies.  

The kicker is starter vendors do not usually market themselves as such.  This makes them a little hard to find without some expert guidance. As a general rule, you need to have 3 to 5 vendor tradelines reporting to get a good solid start to your business credit score.  Here are a few of the easiest to get started with.

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Crown Office Supplies 

Crown Office Supplies offers paper and other office supplies. They report to all three of the major business credit reporting agencies, which of course include D & B, Experian, and Equifax. It can be hard to find vendors which report to Equifax, so getting credit with Crown is a good move.

To qualify, you will need to be an entity in good standing with Secretary of State and an EIN number with IRS. A business address that matches everywhere (both online and offline), a D-U-N-S number, a business license (if applicable), as well as a business bank account are all necessary. Your business must be at least 60 days old. There is also a membership fee of $99 annually upon approval.


Uline sells shipping, packing, and industrial supplies.  They report to Dun & Bradstreet as well.  This means, you guessed it,  you have to have a D-U-N-S number. 

In addition, they ask for 2 references and a bank reference. The first few orders might need to be paid in advance to get approval for Net 30 terms.

Grainger Industrial Supply 

Grainger sells power tools, pumps, hardware and other things. In addition, they can handle maintenance of your auto fleet. You need a business license and EIN to quality, as well as a D-U-N-S number.

After you pay on several tradeline accounts that report for a while, you should have a solid foundation to start applying for other types of business credit.  Store cards are the easiest to get first and continue building your score.  Next are fleet cards, and then finally, the regular cards that are not limited by where they can be used or what they can be used to purchase. 

Quick Way to Build Business Credit: What to Do In the Meantime? 

So, let’s say you start this process, but you need funds right now. What can you do?  The credit line hybrid may be just the answer.  You can get approval with personal credit that is lower than what most traditional lenders require, and if you are set up properly it will report to the business credit reporting agencies and help build your business credit even faster.  

It allows you to fund your business without putting up collateral, and you only pay back what you use.  

Credit Line Hybrid: Qualifications? 

What does it take to qualify? I’m going to tell you, but don’t stop reading if you don’t meet all of the requirements.  There are ways around some of them.

First, your personal credit score should be at least 685.  Also, you can’t have any liens, judgments, bankruptcies or late payments.  Furthermore, in the past 6 months you should have less than 5 credit inquiries, and you should have less than a 45% balance on all business and personal credit cards.  It is preferred that you already have established business credit, but not necessarily required.

Are you thinking there is no way you qualify? Stop thinking that.  If you do not meet all of the requirements, you can take on a credit partner that does.  Many business owners work with a friend or relative to fund their business.  If a relative or a friend meets all of these requirements, they can partner with you to allow you access funding, but you still get the benefits.  

Quick Way to Build Business Credit: Credit Line Hybrid Benefits

There are many benefits to using a credit line hybrid.  First, it is unsecured, meaning you do not have to have any collateral to put up.  Next, you don’t have to provide any bank statements or financials.  

Even better, typical approval is up to 5x that of the highest credit limit on the personal credit report, and often you can get interest rates as low as 0% for the first few months.  This allows you to put that savings back into your business. 

The process is pretty fast, especially with a qualified expert to walk you through it.  Also, with the approval for multiple credit cards, competition is created.  This makes it easier, and likely even if you handle the credit responsibly, that you can get interest rates lowered and limits raised every few months. 

The credit line hybrid is a fast way to get cash while working on a quick way to build business credit. 

Quick Way to Build Business Credit: What’s This About Setting Up?

Remember how I said earlier all of this only works if your business is set up properly.  That’s because unless your business is set up to be an entity separate from you as the owner that is fundable all on its own, your accounts will report to your personal credit.  There will be no separate business credit.   How do you accomplish this separation? 

Separate Contact Information

The first step is to make sure your business has its own phone number, fax number, and address.   That doesn’t mean you have to get a separate phone line, or even a separate location.  You do not even have to have a fax machine.  You can get a business number that will ring to your personal phone and a virtual address online quickly and easily. 

Apply for an EIN

The next thing you need to do is get an EIN for your business.  This is an identifying number for your business that works in a way similar to how your SSN works for you personally.  You can get one for free from the IRS.

You Have to Incorporate

Incorporating your business as an LLC, S-corp, or corporation is necessary to fundability.  It lends credence to your business as one that is legitimate and offers some protection from liability. It also solidifies your business as a separate entity from yourself. 

Business Bank Account

You have to open a separate, dedicated business bank account.  There are a few reasons for this.  First, it will help you keep track of business finances.  It will also help you keep them separate from personal finances for tax purposes. The big one for building business credit is, you got it, it separates your business from you as the owner.

Check out our best webinar with its trustworthy list of seven vendors to help you build business credit, even in a recession.


If a business does not have all the necessary licenses it needs to run, red flags are going to fly up all over the place.  Do the research you need to do to ensure you have all of the licenses necessary to legitimately run your business at the federal, state, and local levels. 


These days, you do not exist if you do not have a website.  However, having a poorly put together website can be even worse.  It is the first impression you make on a lot of people.  Spend the time and money necessary to ensure your website is professionally designed and works well.  Pay for hosting too. Don’t use a free hosting service.  Furthermore, your business needs a dedicated business email address.  Make sure it has the same URL as your website.  Don’t use a free service such as Yahoo or Gmail. 

D-U-N-S Number

Lastly, you have to have a D-U-N-S Number.  It’s imperative.  Dun & Bradstreet is hands down the largest and most commonly used business credit reporting agency. You cannot have a score with them if you do not have a D-U-N-S number.  It’s free on their website

Remember Business Credit Is Just One Piece of Fundability

There is so much more to fundability than business credit.  It is a tangled web indeed.  If you are looking for a quick way to build business credit, keep this in mind.   Furthermore, if your business isn’t set up properly, nothing else you do to build fundability or business credit will matter. Get that done today.

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PPC Consulting

You have developed a killer website and drafted an effective marketing strategy to generate leads and drive sales.

So what next?

Considering paid advertising offers a 200% ROI, it’s a no-brainer that your marketing strategy should incorporate the same.

“But I have no idea where to start with Google ads – in fact, I don’t know where to begin at all!”

Well, even if that’s the case, you still have nothing to worry about.

You can hire a PPC consultant who can enhance your paid advertising campaigns by offering a unique set of skills coupled with experience and expertise.

Choosing the right consultant, however, can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for in a PPC expert, which is where we come in.

Our team at Neil Patel Digital has created this handy guide to help you find the best PPC consultant for your business – one that can manage your campaigns, keep up with continuous algorithm updates, and deliver results.

Let’s start with how a PPC consultant can help you grow your business.

5 Ways a PPC Consultant Can Help Grow Your Business

What is the primary reason that people hire PPC consultants? Maximizing business performance.

People who run an online business question the need for launching pay-per-click campaigns, and whether it’s the right thing to do.

We have to clear one thing out before we talk about the benefits of hiring expert help – it IS worth it!

That said, let’s take a look at what a good PPC consultant can do to help you grow your business. 

Thorough Market Research and Plan of Action

A PPC consultant can be your go-to when you‘re unable to do market research, execute the right type of strategies, or launch successful marketing campaigns that help you achieve your business objectives. 

Additionally, you can also make critical mistakes when you work without experience – something that can cost you significant money or achieve zero results.

On the other hand, there are other solid reasons why you should hire a professional. 

A PPC consultant will prioritize your marketing campaigns and think of the intelligent implementation of paid marketing tactics that can enhance campaigns. You’ll also get better and more relevant marketing strategies to drive your online sales.

In the end, you‘ll have better pay-per-click management that will give you more exposure in search engines.

Precise Targeting for Higher Conversion Rates

A savvy PPC manager can be doubly beneficial for your business.

With their help, you‘re assured of wiser PPC decision-making that can cause a decrease in expenses and increase conversion rates. 

Plus, PPC experts can analyze your data and make required adjustments that can lower your cost per lead for a higher ROI.

As for conversion rates, they can use their experience and expertise to implement tactics, such as using precise keywords and put your sales team in contact with quality leads. All the efforts are targeted towards a specific audience in your niche that can be niched down according to location, gender, age, interests, and of course, keywords.

Audience targeting should always be strategic and carefully executed. It’s the only way to avoid wasting your money on paid campaigns – something that a PPC expert can help you with.

The best part is all this requires minimal effort on your part, and even the PPC consultant’s due to their specialized knowledge.

Compelling Ads That Actually Convert

Make no mistake, writing an attention-grabbing ad copy is an easy task – but only at the surface. In fact, knowing how to create a PPC ad can have a massive impact on the ads click-through rate.

You need expert help to create a truly artistic strategy to attain ad campaign success. A PPC consultant is well versed in the know-how to create an effective ad copy that appeals to your target customer and can relate to their interests. They can also use the necessary keywords for optimization to rank higher in search engines.

So with the help of a professional, not only will your ad get more exposure, but you’ll also experience an increase in your conversions.

Years of Experience

You may already be aware of how experience often translates to expertise.

Reputable PPC professionals have years of experience working with a diverse clientele, which helps them contribute to their profit-making campaigns. 

These experts have the backing of innovative skills and knowledge to keep your ads updated and in sync with the latest web trends that can be the driving factor of your paid campaigns.

You shouldn’t worry about the money you might pay for a consultant. Instead, it’s the time wasted when trying to learn Google or Amazon that should be a worrying factor. Unsatisfactory results are another disadvantage when you take on PPC without prior knowledge.

Moreover, a professional will dedicate their whole time to your projects and make sure you set the right bid amount according to the order value, ACoS goals, and conversion thanks to their greater understanding of bid management.


Pay-per-click marketing can be equal parts challenging and time-consuming, especially for those who aren’t experts.

A PPC professional can help you launch and monitor all your ad campaigns, along with making minor adjustments that could potentially boost your sales. Also, when you turn the work over to these consultants, you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your online business.

How to Get Started With a PPC Consultant

If you haven’t worked with a PPC company before, it’s hard to know what to expect.

Right from hiring the right PPC consultant to holding meetings right till the final launch – you need to draft a roadmap that explicitly illustrates your end goal as well as milestones to stay on the right track.

Below, we have streamlined the details of every phase to help you understand what to expect when working with a PPC consultant.

Hiring the best PPC consultant for your business

The first step here is to find the right PPC consultant to get started in your paid marketing journey. And the best way to go about this? Research and look at the credentials of respective candidates.

There are two ways to go about this. You can use online hiring platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, and Reddit, where you’ll post a detailed project description, along with the requirements. You can then choose a freelancer profile from the applied candidates.

If you plan on recruiting seasoned consultants – something which we highly recommend – you’ll have to fill up an inquiry form and then schedule a discovery call.

Whatever be your marketplace of choice, determining the abilities of the prospective candidate remains the same. Ask the prospect the following questions to understand whether they are the right fit or not:

  • Are you Google-certified?
  • Do you offer a free assessment?
  • Who will own the account?
  • Will you provide ongoing management of the account or solely look after the setup?
  • How do you measure success, and what are the deliverables?
  • Are you familiar with Google Analytics?

It’s best to look for consultants who possess the Google AdWords Certified Partner designation since they are likely to understand the latest trends, techniques, and technology relevant in the world of PPC advertising. 

A thorough understanding of account setup and management, analytics and reporting, and optimization in areas such as video, search, and mobile advertising, are also crucial.

Remember, it’s your money, and the prospective PPC consultant should respect that and be willing to clear any doubts.

Have a Discovery Session

It’s the job of the PPC consultant to do everything they can to learn more about your business objectives and what you’re looking for, which is precisely why discovery and onboarding are a crucial part of any new PPC project.

Here are a few key points that your meeting should cover:

  • Your budget, which includes monthly ad spent
  • Goals you wish to achieve through your PPC campaign
  • What are the USPs of your business when compared to your competitors
  • Landing page optimization tactics to increase conversions
  • Detailed observation of your target audience that includes platforms to use, shopping trends, and location

Take this chance to share everything you have with your PPC consultant – even if it doesn’t feel relevant. The consultant must be aware of your expectations and budget.

Planning and Testing

After understanding your business, target audience, and marketing goals, the next step is to plan the upcoming campaign. In addition to this, defining critical metrics and KPIs are essential as well.

The consultant may run a small, inexpensive pilot campaign to test different aspects, such as audience segments, copy, and execution. This can give you key insights about the preferences of your target audience and a deeper understanding in general of how to proceed forward.

The Final Execution 

Finally, at this stage, you launch the full campaign.

The full-scale execution of the campaign can be short-term, long-term, or ongoing, depending on your needs. You can expect consistent feedback and thorough reporting from the consultant that outlines everything about the campaign, and the final results once it’s over.

Remember, monitoring results and adjusting the budget are all a part of the campaign. The consultant should use the insights collected, along with your feedback, to improve the ad strategy for better results.

In case the consultant doesn’t offer management services, they will only set up the account.

Measuring the ROI of PPC Consulting Services

What’s the point of launching a PPC campaign if you cannot measure the return on your investment?

Is your campaign strategy correct? Are the ads effective in generating leads and sales for your business? Is it profitable? – these are important questions that you need answers to.

The only way to determine the success of a campaign is to measure the ROI.

That said, there are various KPIs, which is why you need to have an efficient tactic in place to choose the relevant ones. For this purpose, you need to figure out the following:

  • Understand the goals of your campaign – whether you want more click-throughs, more leads, or higher sales. The ultimate goal, of course, is to increase conversions and reduce CPA. But there are other things you should consider as well, such as monitoring impression share and the effectiveness of your ads in generating clicks (CPR).
  • You can even consider setting SMART goals to measure the overall progress and success of your goal.
  • Figure out about what success means to you and then define it to your consultant.
  • Monitor the KPIs closely and then reevaluate if there is still any discrepancy.

The following are the most crucial PPC KPIs that you should consider:

  • The average click-through rate
  • The quality score of your ad content
  • The impression share that tells you how many people has have seen your ad
  • The average cost-per-click (CPC)
  • The conversion rate
  • The cost for action/cost per conversion
  • The average position of your ad

Tracking ROI is a dynamic process with no uniform rules to follow. Make sure you choose your KPIs after setting realistic goals for your business, which, in turn, can help you achieve your goals.

4 Point Checklist For Finding the Right PPC Consultant

If you’re still wondering how you can hire the best PPC consultant for your company who has the necessary understanding and expertise to deliver results, here’s a quick checklist to make things easier for you.

Experience in Driving Results

You’ll find several PPC consultants claiming to be the best and how they can help you achieve your goals.

But do they really have the expertise and experience to back their claims?

Figure out whether the consultant has previously worked with clients in your niche and is aware of how your business ecosystem, your competition, and your audience work. The idea here is to fast-track your campaign strategy, creation, and management processes.

Knowledge About PPC Best Practises and Tools

PPC can be a very complicated process, which is why you need a consultant that has the knowledge to keep up with the latest practices.

Having access to the right PPC tools is also important. Essential aspects like analytics and reporting and intent-driven keyword selection, along with first-party data sources and strategic partnerships, work together to enhance the efficiency of campaigns.

Find out the tools that the consultant uses, whether it’s Google Analytics, Certified Knowledge, Excel, and Adalysis.

Diverse Client Portfolio

Examine the companies on the prospective consultant’s portfolio. You‘ll be surprised at how useful this can be to detect whether they are the right fit for your business or not.

You see, a good PPC consultant should always demonstrate hands-on experience and have a diverse clientele. This equips them with a better understanding to create effective paid campaigns that appeal to your target audience, irrespective of their thought process and ideologies.

Testimonials From Past Clients

Testimonials help gain a sense of the caliber of the businesses that have trusted them in the past.

By going through what past customers have said about their services will give you an idea about their professionalism and whether they are capable of providing a comfortable and satisfactory working experience.

Wrapping Up

The world of PPC marketing isn’t simple.

You need experienced consultants to create and execute well-thought-out campaigns that can help you achieve your business objectives and keep any losses at the minimum.

Hiring a consultant can be your first step to ensure positive returns on your investment and establish a loyal customer base.

Want somebody seasoned and enjoys a stellar reputation when it comes to delivering results? Get in touch with experts from Neil Patel Digital here.

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